>I thought about what to name my blog for some time. I’m not really sure how important titles are in this whole blogging world, but to me, a title is like a theme, and I like themes, so I figured I’d better pay attention to it.  I made wrote down prospective titles on the back of my grocery list, and even typed some out on the computer.  Some of my options, I think, were really bad, and maybe my winner isn’t the most ingenious either, but here is why it felt right:

  1. I hum a lot. You might think it’s one of those awkward fill-the-silence kind of things, but I don’t really think that’s the case. I’m pretty okay with silence. I think I hum when I’m content, the way we might smile or daydream or play or listen well when we are content. But humming lasts longer. And you can switch up your melody. And if its not annoying, it might be catchy. 
  2. I love music but most of the time, I forget the words to songs.  I’ll remember the tune well enough to hum so it’s halfway recognizable. There’s comfort in that, isn’t there? That the essence might be in the harmony, not the details?
  3. Humming is simple and wholesome and direct. Sometimes I wish my life was.
So, there you have my justifications. Please don’t make fun, because clearly, I put some thought into this 🙂 

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